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the greatest showman 


Barnum celebrated individuality, and this is where our concept begins. Our message is one of self-acceptance and the eschewing of the ever-elusive ‘normal’. Besides, who’s to say what’s normal? As The Greatest Showman’s theme song This is Me tell us, ‘I'm not scared to be seen; I make no apologies. This is me.’ Looking at artists ranging from Frida Kahlo, master of the self-portrait, to Joel Witkin, the misfit champion, our overriding theme is our relationship with – and how we view – ourselves. We set up a self-portrait photoshoot in Central Saint Martins and gave staff and students from all disciplines ten minutes alone to photograph themselves. The resulting photographs were interesting, strange – sometimes funny – and always beautiful. How did participants feel after photographing themselves? Responses ranged from, ‘I like being behind the camera, not in front,’ to ‘We just fell in love in front of the camera!’ Our project is celebratory of uniqueness, individuality, inclusiveness, and beautiful clothes.

So step inside the Self-o-Matic photobooth… Who knows what you might discover?

The project has collaborated with 20th Century Fox and Swarovski for production of “The Greatest Showman” film. Rebekah as a fashion and textiles designer in the collaborating group project. The project won the first prize and the garments have been exhibited in Claridges, London.  

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